A downloadable game for Windows

Tabbit Terror is a wacky game where you blast your way through hordes of tiny terrible Tabbits to obtain a mysterious energy source. Absorb and convert the Tabbits' attacks into powerful abilities and use these powers against them!

This is currently a prototype. Feel free to try it out and give us your feedback in the forum included!

You can also visit our blog at: https://redharegames.wordpress.com/

or contact us at: redharestudios@gmail.com

Install instructions

Things to note:

Double-click on TabbitTerror.exe to start. Do not remove or relocate the TabbitTerror_Data folder, must be in the same folder as the TabbitTerror.exe file.

Best played with a gamepad for PC. Requires relevant drivers.
- Both XBox360 and XBoxOne controller
- Both PS3 and PS4 controller

Keyboard controls:
- Movement > WASD
- Shooting > IJKL
- Absorb > Right-Shift
- Bomb > Left-Shift
- ESC > Pause Game, but no navigation in menu for keyboard
- Alt F4 > Quit Game
- Continue > Enter

Cheats (not for keyboard input):
- Instant Win > Up + Square(PS) / x(XBox)
- God Mode > Up + Triangle(PS) / Y(XBox)
- Max Power > Up + Circle(PS) / B(XBox)


TabbitTerrorProto.zip 30 MB